Terms and Conditions for Travel

While La Ruta De La Guitarra is the name of our travel experience, it is not a company or an LLC. La Ruta De La Guitarra is an experience that is organized by two individuals (herein referred to as “we/us/our”) named Flavio Augusto Rodrigues Marques of Rua Gal. Goes Monteiro, 128 – Jd Elite – Piracicaba, São Paulo – Brazil, and Steven Robert Pederson of 6597 N Northwest Hwy, Chicago, IL, USA. The persons making the travel arrangements with us are herein referred to as “the traveling party” or “you/your”.

Below are the terms of agreement between you and us for the La Ruta De La Guitarra Spring 2024 trip to Spain.


Our responsibility is to provide the services listed below in the Services section.

Your responsibility is to

  • Provide us with accurate and up to date contact information and communicate with us in a timely manner.
  • Have a travel insurance policy.
  • Have proper ID and documentation at all times while traveling.
  • Cover expenses not included in our fee, such as airfare, food, etc. (i.e. whatever you need which is not covered in our services). If there is any question about what this means, it is your responsibility to ask us.
  • Notify us of any conditions, physical or otherwise, that will have an impact on any of the other travelers.
  • Respect fellow traveler’s time, space and personal preferences and opinions.

We will be moving together as a group often. We need everyone to be aware of and understanding of our need to be on time and cooperate with the direction of the guides. We must adhere to our schedules and cannot be held responsible for missed opportunities or additional travel arrangements that must be made due to the traveling party’s oversight of, or failure to comply with, the trip itinerary.

The traveling party releases Flavio Rodrigues and Steve Pederson from responsibility for any and all liabilities that may result from this trip, such as bodily injury, theft, loss of property, etc.


The services we provide are 1) guiding you to destinations in Madrid, Seville, Granada and Valencia, Spain, 2) setting up housing accommodations for 14 consecutive nights beginning the evening of May 14th until the morning of May 28th, 3) Travel arrangements between each of the cities aforementioned and 4) connecting you with two high-level professional instructors for two separate guitar lessons or masterclasses (one with each instructor).

Fees and Payment

The cost for the trip is 4500 Euros per person. There are no discounts or family rates available. Current exchange rates will apply. You are responsible for any additional fees that are incurred for transferring or exchanging money/currency.

Full payment must be received by March 15th. First half of payment is due by February 15th.

US Dollars are collected by Steve Pederson and Brazilian Reals are collected by Flavio Rodrigues. We will make arrangements with you via What’sApp or email on the specifics of how to send payment.


You have 7 days from the date of payment to request a refund. A full refund, minus any non-recoverable finance charges, will be issued. After March 14, 2024 there are no refunds.

Due to the nature of the arrangements we make for the trip for everyone, we will not be able to issue a refund after March 14, 2024, even in the case of an emergency, which is why we require you to have travel insurance.

No refunds will be made for any part of the trip that the traveling party missed out on because of their own negligence.


We will communicate with you about all travel plans and updates via email and/or What’sApp. You must provide us with at least one reliable and timely way to communicate with you.


We will need to collect personal data from you, including your passport number, in order to make arrangements for travel and accommodations. Rest assured that we take every step to make sure that your information is kept safe. We do not share your information with anyone, except where it is needed to make arrangements for your trip.


As stated in the traveler responsibilities above, you are required to have traveler’s insurance. We do not provide insurance or claim to insure you for any matter.


If you change your mind about going, you can have someone go in your place provided that they abide by all the terms of this agreement.


You confirm that you are of legal age to enter into this agreement.

By entering your initials in the form as your digital signature, and by clicking the checkbox labeled “I agree to the terms and conditions,” you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Click here to download a PDF version of this agreement. 

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