Welcome, attendees of the 2023 Chicago Guitar Festival!

La Ruta de la Guitarra is not only a premium expedition to the best and most important guitar shops, luthiers, masterclasses with the most iconic names, performances and exclusive experiences in Spain. It is also a spiritual experience, a journey of the soul. It is like a sacred trip to the guitar “holy land” from which no one returns the same.

La Ruta de la Guitarra will definitely transform you. In addition to the life-long friendships built, La Ruta de la Guitarra has given people significant perspective, discernment and clarity for their lives.

Can you imagine yourself there with us?

Get $100 OFF Registration!

Attendees of the Festival get $100 off registration for La Ruta De La Guitarra 2023. Coupon is good until Midnight, Sunday June 4th, 2023. Use coupon code CGF23 at checkout. 

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